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Security of Investors' Assets
We facilitate clients wishing individual portfolios in opening their own bank accounts at some of the premier international banks, providing security for their assets. These banks then act as custodian for their assets, collect dividends and coupons, pay interest on their call and deposit accounts, and also buy and sell investments as instructed by Meltemi. The custodian bank will maintain all primary records of investments – bonds, equities, options, currency positions, cash and other investments, etc., for each client. The bank will send contract notes, valuations and any other information to the client, and will also send a copy to Meltemi.

The custodian would generally charge a client its fees for custody, for purchase and sale of investments and FX trades, etc., and for providing the FX trading line. A bank may charge lower than its standard fees to Meltemi’s clients. In addition the custodian bank will debit the client’s account with the investment management fee and pay it to Meltemi upon receipt of an investment management fee invoice. This simple arrangement helps us to concentrate primarily on the investment management of client portfolios.
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