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The Meltemi Wind
In the summer months the winds in the Ionian and the Aegean are 
predominantly from the North. In the Aegean the constancy of the northerly 
winds in the summer has been noted from ancient times when they were called
the etesians from etos (annual). Today they are commonly called by their Turkish name
– the meltemi. This wind begins blowing in June and early July, reaches strength
in July and August, and dies off at the end of September and early October. The meltemi
blows less strongly in the north and the south than into the central Aegean.

The meltemi is a consequence of a pressure gradient between a low-pressure area
over Pakistan (the Asian monsoon low) which extends its influence as far as the
Eastern Mediterranean and the high-pressure area over the Azores which
affects the Western Mediterranean. The pressure gradient between these two
stable pressure areas produces the constant northerlies in the summer.
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