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Meltemi Investment Management Limited
Client Relationship at Meltemi
In order for Meltemi to manage the client’s investments at a custodian bank, the client will need to establish a relationship with Meltemi by signing the necessary documents such as the Investment Management Agreement and Risk Profile, etc., and provide proof of identity and any other information required by the FCA regulations. We will discuss with a client their investment objectives for their investments through Meltemi. In addition a client will grant Meltemi power to place orders with the custodian bank to buy and sell investments and trade currencies. Meltemi does not hold funds on behalf of its clients.

We continually strive to know more about our clients and their needs. Depending on their needs we may introduce them to some of the very well reputed Trustees, Accountants, Tax Advisors, Lawyers and Hedge Fund Managers. Clients may also wish to use our connections to property developers and managers in London.
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