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Our central investment strategy is described in the below mentioned MTRIP (Meltemi Total Return Investment Portfolio) summary. Over a business cycle we expect equities to outperform bonds. However, tactically we may sharply reduce equities depending on the market reaction to the various stages of a business cycle.

MTRIP is an individual discretionary investment portfolio aiming to generate superior absolute investment returns typically 3–5% above the one-year deposit rate of the reference currency of the portfolio over time. It is designed for balanced risk tolerant investors aiming for capital appreciation over the medium-term.

We will also structure and manage individually tailored portfolios according to the risk appetite and the wishes of clients. For example investment in equities may become lower or higher than our central scenario and exposure to foreign exchange forwards may be lower or may be totally eliminated. Similarly there may be higher exposure to bonds for risk averse clients or for clients requiring income from their portfolios.
MTRIP Portfolio
LTRIP Portfolio
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