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Meltemi Investment Management Limited
Investment Style
The fund managers at Meltemi have vast and varied experience of financial markets and of managing investments for wealthy clients over many years. We made our name by producing superior investment returns for our clients at some of the top financial institutions in the world.

We spend most of our time conducting research, working with outside and in-house specialists. We follow global macroeconomic, social and political trends that may affect the business climate and the value of investments. When selecting equities we may switch between top-down and bottom-up bias to suit market conditions. Flow of funds, differences in interest rates and chart patterns under certain market conditions influence currency values more than economic fundamentals. Similarly, fair value for bonds may move higher or lower depending upon the stage of an economic cycle. Our research leads us to mainly focus on opportunistic investment ideas. We believe that a myriad of opportunities are generally available in the marketplace at all times. Common sense guides us to invest only in opportunities that have a reasonable chance of adding value to a client’s portfolio.

The investment strategy for our main offering — the Meltemi Total Return Investment Portfolio (MTRIP) — is detailed separately under the Investment Portfolios section on this website. We are also happy to use this strategy to help tailor individual portfolios according to the wishes and the risk appetite of clients, giving our usual individual attention to each portfolio.
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